Hotel Management Services

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For highly capitalised small to medium-sized hotels, in which trading income does not justify a full-time GM on the payroll.

A hotel management solution for SMEs at sustainable and reasonable cost:

  • Gap analysis and set up of hotels operations, marketing and finance by an international-trained and senior hotel GM
  • Hiring and training, and remote management of a local Hotel Manager to manage your hotels daily business
  • Remote Commercial and Revenue Management support by expert International Senior Advisors
  • Monthly on-site review by a senior international hotel GM


  • KPI management system to measure the hotel business performance
  • Unlimited online recruitment without extra cost for job-advertisements
  • In case the Hotel Manager goes on sick-leave, we provide a replacement while upholding operating standards
  • Outsourced Commercial Representation and Revenue Management and Asset Management at extra charge

ADD-ON: Outsourced Hotel Commercial & Revenue Management services

Rather than join a brand, build your own brand

  • Creation, revision and optimisation of your hotel website
  • Application of artificial intelligence solutions
  • A PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager for online and GDS sales
  • Outsourced revenue management
  • Commercial representation in all of your feeder markets

ADD-ON: Hotel Asset Management services

We improve not only revenue management but also EBITDA, cash-flow and the investment value of your property.

Examples of services:

  • Market Repositioning & Organisational Restructuring
  • Asset oversight / Operational review
  • Operational and development consulting
  • Strategic planning
  • Negotiations with brands and developers
  • Franchise and management company evaluation, selection and contract negotiations
  • Acquisition and disposition due diligence assistance

Further services:

  • Feasibility Study for Highest and Best-Use
  • EBITDA Multiplier & Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Executive Search
  • Other Services

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