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More Information

Our Senior Industry Experts are accomplished management professionals from leading global hospitality brands and management companies. 

  • Think about it for a moment: There is not always the need to hire an expensive and ambitious new manager on your payroll, but instead, work short-term with a senior and accomplished professional who can transfer and inject the required “know-how” into your team and your business, to get a better perspective.
  • You'll be pleasantly surprised at how such an approach can foster genuine loyalty from your team, and also reduce your payroll expenses considerably.


Our Senior Industry Experts can share with you their wealth of expertise

  • Areas of expertise offered are either/or: Greenfield and Brownfield Project Management, Operations (Reception, Housekeeping, Night-Audit, Kitchen, Restaurant) through the implementation of Standard Operating Policies & Procedures, Performance Management with the help of systematic KPI Matrics and Methodology, Marketing/Distribution & Sales, POMEC (Property Operations, Maintenance & Energy Consumption), Corporate Governance and Investment Preparation.
  • All of our team are empathic, good listeners and simultaneously results-driven.


Ideal for new openings and business recovery restructuring

How it works:

  • We meet with you at your hotel or restaurant to get a first impression and agree with you on what needs to be achieved.
  • Upon agreement, we place a Senior Industry Expert with your business to achieve the agreed goals within the agreed timeline and budget.
  • Upon completion of the project, we coach you for another 6-months to assure effective implementation of the project.

Please, get in touch with us for more information

Gransier & Associates is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may assist you. Call us on +43-1-548-4381, or click here to contact us through this website. All inquiries are served on the basis of mutual confidentiality.