Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate, Leisure and Tourism

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More Information

Our team consists of over 35 Senior International Advisors & Specialists with technical expertise and experience 

Sectors & Services

  • Hospitality: Hotels, Resorts, Branded and Managed Residences, Serviced-Apartments, Sanatorium and Medical, Restaurants, MICE-Venues, and Caterers
  • Commercial Real Estate: Business Centres, Office Parks, and Shopping Centres
  • Leisure: Cinemas, Concert Venues, Aqua Parks, Health & Wellness Centres, Fitness Clubs, Theme Parks, and Golf Courses
  • Tourism: Destination Marketing Associations, Tour-Operators, and Transportation Providers

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) + Digital

  • E: "Green Stay" by HRS Hotel Audit
  • E: "Green Key" which is the sector leading green certification body
  • E:  The building-rating system "LEED" (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • E: "Blue Flag" which is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education that a beach, marina, or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its standards
  • S: “Inclusive Tourism”
  • G: “Sustainability & Carrying Capacity Studies, Visitor Management Plans”
  • G + S: "Reporting Frameworks"
  • G + S: "Calculating Environmental and Social Impact"
  • G: “Plan for SMART solutions in Tourism”
  • G + D: “Tourism Sustainability Monitoring System”
  • G: “Visitor Management Plans, Revision of Spatial Planning Codes”
  • D: “Plan for Digitalisation of Tourism Content, Information and Processes”
  • D: “CRS & CRM, and digital online booking technology”

Commercial Real Estate

  • Highest & best use (HBU)
  • Asset management
  • Land and resources
  • Planning and Development
  • Project management
  • Property finance and investment
  • Building control & surveying

  • Environmental surveying
  • Facilities management
  • Infrastructure
  • Quantity surveying and construction
  • Research
  • Valuation 

Hotel/Restaurant Opening and Renovation

  • Greenfield and brownfield development, pre-opening and start-up
  • Technical services
  • Design & architecture
  • Fire & safety
  • Kitchen planning
  • Energy planning
  • HACCP – "Hazard analysis and critical control points" preventive food safety management

Hospitality Management Capacity Building

  • Performance Management applying USALI (©) for budgeting, forecasting and reporting (*) 
  • Business planning & commercial planning
  • Hotel stars classification 
  • Implementation, training, coaching & audit of hotel operations, spa & wellness operations, and restaurant operations
  • B&B, agriculture and green hotel keeping 

Hospitality Technical Skills Development

Creating job opportunities for youth, minorities and dependents, through NGO donor-funded inclusion programs:

  • Hotel and restaurant kitchen skills training
  • Hotel reception skills training
  • Hotel housekeeping skills training
  • Tour-leader/guide skills training

Hotel Commercial Support

  • Commercial planning, and ongoing business review
  • Brand & operator selection, and "Management", "franchise", or "reservation & marketing representation" agreement
  • Online booking technology, including AI, booking engine, channel manager and APPS which help to convert direct business
  • Revenue management
  • Sales representation, worldwide per continent, including travel trade shows participation


  • Tourism development strategies
  • Tourism master plans
  • Destination management advisory
  • Online booking technology
  • Tour Operator's B2B and B2C sales representation worldwide per continent, including travel trade shows participation
  • Implementation, training, coaching & audit of tour-operator and DMC operations

Human Resources Management

  • GDPR – "General data protection regulation"
  • Organisational planning, talent strategy and payroll/FTE planning
  • e-JOBSAPP – Self-service online recruitment APP to find rank & file staff
  • White label recruiter, including employer branding
  • HR training & coaching
  • Executive search of senior management

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(*) “Disclaimer: Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) is the official entity which owns the copyright to the USALI. The copyright was previously owned by the Hotel Association of New York City. Revisions to the USALI are overseen by the Financial Management Committee (FMC) of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), a majority of which are also HFTP members. G&A uses the term “USALI” to refer to the existing industry standard as one example of several, possible, company-specific P&L account frameworks. ”