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More Information

  • Each new project begins with an initial video call with the Client, free-of-charge, to get a first impression
  • In case we believe we can be of service, we offer to visit you at your location to get the full picture. Charges apply for our professional fees and travel cost

  • Upon completion of the First Visit, we issue a report, yet there is no obligation for you to contract any further services
  • Upon your confirmation of our report, we can serve you per project, from start to finish at customised fees

  • We are licensed to provided Business Advisory, including its organisation (operations), by the Magistrate of the City of Vienna, Austria
  • Our services are governed by the Terms of Business valid for the Professional Association of Management Consultancy and Information Technology, issued by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Vienna in June 2021. Please click here to download a copy of the General Terms & Conditions for Advisory Services (incl. Training)

  • All inquiries are served based on mutual confidentiality
  • Active cooperation by the Client is required throughout the project, to compile, prepare and provide any required data
  • Services are provided – in principle – in the English language only

  • Translation for all instructed documents into the local language must be assured by the Client, while the Client is entirely responsible by itself for correct translation
  • Fees are quoted net of VAT and charged in EUR, per full day of service
  • Fees are valid from the issuing date, until the last day of the issuing year. After that, an increase per the official inflation rate of Austria is applied

  • Pre-payment for confirmed services and per-diem per day of travel is required, to be received latest 10 working days before the start of the project.
  • In case expenses have been incurred in other currency than EUR, the conversion is applied to EUR per advice from www.xe.com or the credit-card used, while receipts will be provided for.
  • Any open balance must be settled the latest 14-days from the date of the final invoice.

  • Point of departure to Client location is either Vienna (Austria) or any other European airport (including those located in the European part of the Russian Federation)
  • Travel expenses are charged at a per-diem per day of travel, including any of the following cost: Transportation, visa, health-tests (such as vaccination for COVID), travel insurance, parking, Wi-Fi, accommodation and board

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