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Hotel Advisory Services

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We advise institutional Investors and Owners of hotels, and their Banks to help them to take ownership of their hotel investments.

We identify how, and assist in maximizing both top and bottom line results for independent hotels.

Hotel Operations

  • Meticulous structuring and implementation of sensible hotel operations: Company Culture, FTE Organization Chart, Job descriptions, Quality Standards, Standard Operating Procedures, Headhunting & Hiring, Training & Development of Staff and HR Administration, and Technical Services.
  • We set-up 24/7 on-line access to the hotel performance KPI's, so that property management can report the business status and forecast on a monthly basis.
  • We coach hotel management and Ownership by meeting each month or quarter to review and counsel performance versus plan (Performance Management).

Hotel Asset Management

  • Conversion and implementation of hotel performance reporting into the format of USALI (11th version).
  • Hotel conceptional planning, operational due diligence, hotel property valuation, and business planning.
  • Hotel asset management including hotel operating reviews and hotel Owner representation.

  • Mentoring and coaching hotel management, as well as Executive Search of senior management personnel.
  • Hands-on turnaround/recovery management of distressed hotels to secure and sustain debt service.
  • Hotel Appraisal, Technical Surveying and Discounted Cash-Flow Forecasting leading up to a Valuation in cooperation with MRICS accredited real-estate brokers.

Gransier & Associates is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria. 
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